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Same-Sex Parents: The opportunities and challenges

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Same-sex parents have many opportunities as parents:

  • They will have planned carefully to have children and so will be ready and able to provide for the needs of the child/children.

  • It enriches the parents' lives as they turn from a couple into a family and this can give a sense of completeness.

  • They may look after themselves more as a way to improve their own health and lifespan to look after their child/children.

However, being same-sex parents can have challenges such as:

  • Experiencing social stigma as people do not understand same-sex relationships and parenting.

  • The child/children may experience bullying in school and this can cause stress on the parents as they may worry about this.

  • Parents may experience a reduced social life as they are busy looking after a new baby or bring up their children and this can sometimes put pressure on a family unit.

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