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Being a teenage/young parent: The opportunities and challenges

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Being a teenage/young parent can bring many opportunities, such as:

  • Being close in age and so having an understanding of each other a close bond.

  • A young parent can relate to their child/children as they understand the challenges young people can face in today's society.

  • A young parent may be able to do activities with their child/children as they are fit and healthy with plenty of energy.

  • A young parent can adapt to change more easily which is useful for the upheaval a new baby can bring to the parent.

However, there are challenges to being a teenage/young parent. These include:

Emotional issues

A young parent may suffer from post-natal depression, particularly if the pregnancy was unplanned and/or if the young person does not have the support of family and friends.

The young parent may grow resentful of the experience as they teenager/young person has missed out on their carefree approach to life and growing up.

Social stigma

Some people look down on young parents and so a young parent may feel embarrassed about social stigma which could make them anxious and not wanting to leave the house.

Lack of social life

A young parent may feel alone and isolated as they are unable to meet up with their friends when they like.

A young parent may feel that they lose touch with their friends as they do not have as much in common and do not understand conversations or concerns they may have about their child/children.

Career prospects

A young parent may have to give up school and may not be able to sit any exams and this could impact on any long-term career goals or career plans the young person may have had.

Financial issues

A young person may not be financially stable and so feels a constant pressure to provide of their child/children with the little money that they have.

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