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Resources NGOs need to do their work

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

A NGO is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) i.e. a non-profit organisation that operates independently of the government. Some operate at a local level, while others operate at a global level. They deal with issues such as safeguarding Human Rights, preventing Human Rights Abuses, protecting the environment and other issues such as poverty and homeless.

The aims of an NGO are:

1. NGOs aim to improve the lives of others by bringing about change.

2. NGOs aim to influence and change the attitudes of people, groups, organisations and businesses become more socially responsible.

3. NGOs aim to influence those who make the decisions, i.e. MLAs, MPs, local councillors and government policy makers to encourage them to bring about change.

NGOs need resources to help them carry out their work effectively. They need:


To help fund their work, NGOs need money and usually depend on donations from the public although, sometimes they receive grants from the government.


They also mainly rely on volunteers who are committed to the actions of the NGO.


Depending on NGO work supplies they may need could include medical equipment, medicines, clothing, food, water

Facilities - building/office space

To hold meetings and discuss actions to be taken, members of an NGO need somewhere to gather so they can plan what strategies they will employ


To type up reports on research and findings and work carried out by members of an NGO, they will require desks/computers to fulfil

this role


Many members of NGOs require travel to get to where they need to work. They will need to organise transport such as using planes, cars, vans with equipment, trucks with supplies to help them carry out their roles.

Social Media

NGOs can show the work that they are involved in with a good social media presence where people can follow the work that an NGO does.


To help raise awareness of campaigns and fundraising events NGOs need to market and advertise the work that they do so that people can become involved and support the work that it does.


To investigate the seriousness of a situation and to help make decisions on what strategies to employ and what supplies/equipment may be needed, NGOs need researchers to find out what is required.

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