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Reasons why employment patterns in Northern Ireland are changing

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

What are Employment Patterns?

Employment patterns refers to the types of jobs people do, who employs people and how many people are employed at a given time.

How has globalisation changed employment patterns in Northern Ireland?

  • Many people in Northern Ireland are now employed by global companies such as Tesco, Marks and Spencer, Nike, Starbucks.

  • Many companies in Northern Ireland trade with countries around the world and this has led to new positions such as linguists, logistics, resource managers.

  • More women are now in work and work in companies that trade with countries outside of Northern Ireland.

  • There has been a growth of jobs in the service industries in Northern Ireland such as IT, with global companies setting up in Northern Ireland and Tourism, thanks to the film industry such as Game of Thrones and also thanks to large sporting events, such as the golf's Open coming to Royal Portrush and bringing in companies and people from around the world.

  • There has been a decline in people working in manufacturing industries as these industries have closed down and/or some have moved to other countries where wages and resources can be much cheaper.

  • There has been a gradual increase in a gig-economy of employment in Northern Ireland meaning that people are prepared to work for short-term contracts, sometimes working for zero-hour contracts as opposed to working in a permanent, long-term job.

  • Advances in Information Technology and the wider use of of the internet have meant that employment patterns are now more of a technological nature.

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