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Reasons why a young person may become homeless

Updated: Dec 6, 2023


The child might be physically, emotionally or sexually abused and decide to leave home to escape the situation

Parent separation

None of the parents want to have responsibility for the child and may lead to the young person leaving home and living on the streets

Family problems

Family arguments may be difficult for the young person to deal with and may decide to run away from home

Drug/Alcohol abuse

The young person or his/her parents could have drug related problems and this could lead to family conflict

Death of parents

No one to pay rent/mortgage, the young person may face eviction and become homeless

War or conflict

The young person may their home because of conflict/war and have to move to a safer area

Natural disasters

The young person may have their home destroyed because of floods/earthquakes. They have nowhere to live.

No job, no money

The young person may have no job and therefore no money/finance to pay for rent or the mortgage on their home

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