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Why a teenager may eat convenience food

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Sticking to a balanced diet can be hard at times, particularly for teenagers who sometimes find it easier to opt for unhealthy options and eat convenience food.

What is convenience food?

Convenience food - processed food, prepared for ease of consumption, e.g microwaveable meals.

Fast food - mass produced food that is prepared quickly, e.g. takeaway

Junk food - cheap food containing high levels of calories with little nutritional content e.g. crisps/chocolate bars

Teenagers may eat convenience foods because:

  • The food is cooked very quick and easy (in the microwave).

  • Parents may be rushed off their feet due to the increasing demands of life and work, so they have little time to shop or cook nutritious meals for their teenage children.

  • It may be the only food in the house as deals/offers in the supermarkets means parents can feed the whole family cheaply.

  • They may be stressed out due to school and can easily turn to easy and ready-made meals to help them feel better.

  • They are busy with homework and revision so a quick meal, prepared in the microwave, can help them get back to their studies quicker.

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