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Why communication is important in maintaining a healthy relationship.

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

A relationship is a connection that a person has with another person. Most people have many different relationships like with friends, family, acquaintances, teachers, employers.

Having good communication in a relationship is very important as it helps to maintain a healthy relationship for the following reasons:

  • They get to speak to each other about problems or worries in their lives which helps relieve stress and provides support for each other knowing they have confidence to confide in the other person.

  • They get to share problems and to help find solutions together, e.g. money issues, work stresses, concerns over family or friends, this may help to support building trust and respect in the relationship.

  • They get to share hopes, thoughts and feelings for now and in the future, building trust and avoiding confusing messages about certain issues.

  • They get to discuss plans for the future, e.g. holidays, birthdays, parties, gatherings. This helps to keep the relationship strong knowing there will be quality time and events where similar interests will be shared.

  • Taking the time to talk and listen to each other helps to avoid missed or confusing messages about certain issues, this helps to support the relationship avoiding any mistrust or conflict.

Although communication is very important in maintaining a healthy relationship, these factors are also very important too:

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