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How NGOs can benefit society

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

An NGO is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) i.e. a non-profit organisation that operates independently of the government. Some operate at a local level, while others operate at a global level. They deal with issues such as safeguarding Human Rights, preventing Human Rights Abuses, protecting the environment and other issues such as poverty and homeless.

The aims of an NGO are:

1. NGOs aim to improve the lives of others by bringing about change.

2. NGOs aim to influence and change the attitudes of people, groups, organisations and businesses become more socially responsible.

3. NGOs aim to influence those who make the decisions, i.e. MLAs, MPs, local councillors and government policy makers to encourage them to bring about change.

NGOs benefit society as they:

Helping others

By providing support and aid to those who are vulnerable in society

Promoting social equality/justice

They promote social equality and social justice through the services and support they provide

Filling a gap

They provide services and support to people in society whose welfare needs are not fully met

Raising awareness

Through advertising and fundraising campaigns, people become more aware and gain a better understanding of issues and causes and this encourages people to be more empathetic/sympathetic to others in need

Educating people

Through education at school and talks/events in the community people learn about causes/issues and this can influence them to become active citizens in society

Encouraging active participation

NGOs encourage people to volunteer and make a positive contribution to society

Lobbying government

NGOs can influence government to take action on certain issues/causes like human rights abuse, poverty, child abuse and social inequality/injustice

Reducing conflict/promote peace

NGOs help to resolve conflict and improve relations between opposing groups. They contribute to peace and reconciliation.


With the money that is raised during fundraising events or fundraising campaigns, NGOs can help others in society

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