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How an NGO can encourage a young person to become involved in its work

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

A NGO is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) i.e. a non-profit organisation that operates independently of the government. Some operate at a local level, while others operate at a global level. They deal with issues such as safeguarding Human Rights, preventing Human Rights Abuses, protecting the environment and other issues such as poverty and homeless.

The aims of an NGO are:

1. NGOs aim to improve the lives of others by bringing about change.

2. NGOs aim to influence and change the attitudes of people, groups, organisations and businesses become more socially responsible.

3. NGOs aim to influence those who make the decisions, i.e MLAs, MPs, local councillors and government policy makers to encourage them to bring about change.

A NGO can encourage a young person to become involved in its work through:

School visits

A NGO can visit the school and give a presentation/talk about its work and how it benefits others. They can encourage young people to become actively involved.


A NGO can use the media to target its message at young people. For example, it could have a website with a section dedicated to young people that presents information about its work and the issues it works with.


A NGO can provide opportunities for young people to participate as a volunteer in activities. This experience would give young people an insight into the work of an NGO and perhaps encourage them to become more involved in NGO activities.


A NGO can hold an event for young people which would enable them to learn more about NGO work. They might find this interesting and want to become more involved in NGO activities.


A NGO could hold a competition for young people based around the work of the NGO. This could provide an opportunity for young people to find out more about its work and could motivate them to get actively involved.

Talking about a CV

A member of an NGO could inform the young person to volunteer and develop skills and qualities that will be useful for including on a CV.

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