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How a young person can become more aware of global issues

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

With life being busy and social media searches on mobile phones being streamlined to report or advertise only on the individual's interests, it can be difficult for a young person to be aware of what is happening in the wider world. It is important for young people to be aware of what is happening so that they can help to bring about change if they come across something that may be about social injustice and human rights.

Here are some ways that a young person may become more aware of global issues:

Join a NGO

The young person could join an NGO (Non-Government Organisation) that deals with and works with global issues such as like poverty, famine relief, drought, natural disasters. Young people can do this by holding fundraising events, volunteering with the NGO or supporting the work of the NGO.


Young people could take an interest in school subjects such as LLW and Geography which cover global issues. This gives young people a solid understanding of the challenging issues and the role of NGOs.

Watch the news

Young people can keep up-to-date with global issues by watching the news on TV, watching current affairs programmes which cover global issues or by following news programmes on their mobile phones. This will raise the young person's awareness of what is happening around the world.

Read about it

Young people can become more aware of global issues by reading newspapers/magazines/books which report on and discuss global issues. This will help the young person become more aware and informed about these issues.

Use the Internet

Young people can use the internet to search certain global issues such as poverty, social injustice and human rights abuse. They can find out more about the issues that they might be interested in and become better educated and aware of global issues.

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