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The Benefits of Tolerance and Living in a Multicultural Society

Updated: Mar 28

There are many benefits to living in a multi-cultural society, where people are tolerant of each other's differences and similarities. These benefits include:

An enriched experience

People from different cultures have their own food/diet, sports, language, dress and/or music. This brings opportunities of experiencing something different and sometimes even something new within a community.

Opportunites to make new friends

Meeting others from different cultures can help people in society learn about each other, better understand each other and build trust and friendships with each other.

Creates good community relations

Showing respect and demonstrating tolerance towards others who have different cultures and sometimes different views to you, encourages respect and tolerance. This allows cultural diversity to be embraced in society and contributes to good relations within a community.

Enhances community spirit

In a community where its members show respect and tolerance to each other - no matter what their culture is - allows for a greater sense of togetherness and community spirit.

Promotes peace in the community

When respect towards others in the community is encouraged and demonstrated, mutual understanding exists between people of differing cultures. They are more likely to resolve issues through dialogue.

Reduces tension in the community

When people are accepting and tolerant of others’ views and cultures, there is trust and respect between them. This reduces suspicion and tension between different groups of people.

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