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How a self-help group could help someone dealing with an addiction

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

There are many ways that being part of a group of people who have had similar experiences could help a person with an addiction. These could include:

  • Meeting other people who are in the same situation and derive hope from discovering that others, who once acted just like them, are no longer doing so.

  • To find others in a similar position may immediately lift some of the shame that may prevent recovery from an addiction.

  • Going to meetings fills the space and time left by the addiction, and may help people maintain their resolve as they can stay and chat after a meeting.

  • The person may experience a sense of safety and belonging where they can have fun and feel good about themselves without their addiction.

  • Many self-help organisations of all types have websites, with free information and advice to help the person make informed decisions.

  • The self-help group provides useful information and support for the individual in helping to break the habit of addiction.

  • Self-help groups are free to attend and information is confidential preventing embarrassment or anxiety about the problems to be faced.

Across Northern Ireland there are many local drug and alcohol services that provide help and support for those who want to tackle their drug and alcohol misuse. Services include:

Other sources of support to the addict include:

  • Friends

  • Work Colleagues

  • Parents

  • Siblings

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