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Ways a young parent may receive help with the expense of a new baby

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Having a baby can be an expensive time. The new baby will need a cot, pram, clothes, bottles, steriliser, car seat and many other items. A young parent can receive financial help from:

  • Parents/family may help to buy some essentials and expensive items such as the pram and car seat

  • Friends may help to buy some essentials as they can be expensive to buy for the young parent, they may offer to buy nappies/clothes/feeding equipment

  • Vouchers may be given as presents for the young parent to help them to buy essentials like the cot or blankets for the baby

  • Educational Maintenance Allowance can be received by the young parent on a weekly basis if they stay in school and are aged between 16 and 18 years

  • Government benefits will be paid to the young parent for bringing up the child to help buy essential items as they grow up

  • Organisations such as Sure Start can help to provide items for the home if the young parent was having difficulties

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