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Renting a house: The disadvantages

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Although renting a house may seem like a much more affordable thing to do, there are some disadvantages to renting a house. These include:

  • A feeling that you cannot settle and make plans as you know you will have to move to rent another house when the lease expires on the house that you are renting.

  • Sometimes, you may have to share the accommodation with strangers and this can be burdensome as you know you have to live with these people until the lease expires.

  • When you rent a house, you usually cannot do what you like to the property, e.g. decorating or renovations. You have to ask the landlord for permission before making any changes to the house. This can be difficult if there are certain things in the house that you do not like and you cannot do anything about it.

  • When the lease on the rent expires, you will not own the house. Some people would argue renting is a waste of time as all the money you spend on the rent still leaves you without owning anything.

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