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Price comparison sites: The advantages

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Online comparison websites have become a very popular way of helping consumers compare the market for energy suppliers, insurance products and many other products. This helps they to decide whether they have the best deal and are getting the best value for money.

The consumer can save money

The customer may save money as checking quotes with a comparison website allows many different providers to be searched at once enabling the lowest price available to be selected.

They are so convenient

Price comparison sites are easy and convenient to use as once the details are entered, the quotes can be saved rather than manually gathering quotes from multiple providers through phone or individual provider websites.

They broaden your research

Price comparison sites may highlight less well-known companies which are not household names as being the best value for money and big money savings for consumers.

They can remind you about future dates

Price comparison sites can email the consumer the following year reminding them to use the comparison websites again to search for the lowest price, say for car insurance or energy suppliers' prices.

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