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Benefits of living with your partner/husband/wife

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

When two people move in and live together they often develop shared interests. They learn to do things together and be with one another. Living together involves two people developing a sense of trust and long-term commitment to each other in a relationship. Living together may:

  • help each person to develop emotionally.

  • increase a person’s sense of security and self-confidence as they realise their partner cares and loves them for who they are and will support them through difficult times.

  • bring care and support, for example when one person is facing difficult circumstances such as, illness, bereavement, unemployment.

  • have someone to listen to them and share their problems and can help them overcome their worries/stress/concerns.

  • talk their problems through, understanding their differences and learning to compromise.

  • enjoy financial benefits, as the couple are sharing the payment of household bills and living expenditure allowing both to save money.

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