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What is the Northern Ireland Executive?

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

The Northern Ireland Executive runs the devolved government of Northern Ireland.

It is made up of the First and Deputy First Minister, 2 junior ministers and 9 ministers who each run a government department.

The First and Deputy First Minister are nominated by the largest and second largest political parties in Northern Ireland.

They both chair meetings held by the Executive which can be attended also by junior ministers and/or the Attorney General of Northern Ireland.

The role of the Northern Ireland Executive is to prioritise executive and legislative proposals.

It's role is also to review and agree on a programme for government.

Then based on the programme for government, the role of the Northern Ireland Executive is to agree on a budget.

The role of the Northern Ireland Executive is to take decisions on significant and controversial issues.

A further role of the Northern Ireland Assembly is to promote and monitor the implementation of equality of opportunity and good relations with the help of the NIHRC and the Equality Commission.

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