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Factors that strengthen a relationship

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

A relationship is a connection that a person has with another person. Most people have many different relationships like with friends, family, acquaintances, teachers, employers.

No matter who the relationship is with, the following factors help to strengthen the relationship and help it to last longer:

What do all these factors mean and why are they so important?


  • Trust is very important in a relationship.

  • If you trust someone, you tell them things and depend on them.

  • Without trust one or both those in a relationship could feel insecure and this could lead to arguments

Mutual Respect

  • Each person values and respects the other person for who they are

  • Without respect for each other the relationship would break down


  • Being upfront

  • Not telling lies about what was said/where you were/who you were with

  • Not being honest can lead to feelings of guilt and can hurt the other person if lies come to light


  • Talking to the person you are in a relationship with

  • This is important for expressing and sharing opinions, values, beliefs, ideas, feelings, thoughts

  • It is impossible to have a relationship without communication

Degree of Independence

  • People need space and time to themselves

  • Spending all your spare time with one person can lead to boredom and arguments


  • A bit of give and take

  • This helps make a relationship stronger

  • If there is no compromise this could lead to resentment from the other person


  • Putting up with things that annoy you

  • You do not have to like e.g. the way the other person blows their nose but it is important to accept and tolerate that this is the way it is done.

  • This helps everyone accept and respect that everyone is different

Willingness to accept responsibility

  • Holding your hands up and admitting when something has gone wrong

  • Not blaming the other person when something goes wrong – playing the ‘blame game’ but rather try and work things through

  • Both people need to accept responsibility to make things work


  • Making a promise to make the relationship work – through good times and bad – not giving up easily

  • This helps the relationship to last

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