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Benefits for society if young people participate in democratic processes

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

It is important for young people to participate in democratic processes. Young people have their own experiences of the challenges they face and so are in a very good position to participate in democratic processes that will help to bring about change in their community and society.

The benefits for society, if young people participate in democratic processes include he following:

The government, organisations and institutions are held to account for the decisions they make and could be asked to explain and justify why certain decisions were made

Young people can discuss and bring about change on social inequality, social injustice and human rights issues and ensure everyone in society is being treated fairly

Young people can raise awareness of children and children's issues and this is important so that their views are heard and their basic human rights are being received.

Young people can speak with decision makers and policy makers and encourage them to created policies and make decisions which allows change where change is needed which will benefit all of society.

If young people are involved in democratic processes then perceptions of young people and their needs may be altered and change may come about that will benefit everyone in society.

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